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Star Wars Episode 8 - The Republic in Crisis - due ?

Star Wars Episode 8 
The Republic in Crisis 
by George Lucas
After having their secret base destroyed by the Jedi Order in Episode 7, the Dark Jedi decide to remain hidden and underground until the clones of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker have fully developed. Meanwhile, the Republic faces a new war from a large group of super commandos who call themselves the Mandalorians. The Mandalorian super commandos originate from the unknown regions of the galaxy. While training on the planet called Nassius, special units of the Republic military are attacked by the Mandalorians. The fighting is fierce and very spectacular. The Republic units are defeated in a large-scale space and land battle. After being victorious, the Mandalorians retreat to the safety of deep space. 

Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade, C-3PO and R2-D2 are on a secret mission to Mon Calamari. Luke is searching for the legendary kyber crystals that are rumored to be hidden on Mon Calamari. A kyber crystal greatly magnifies the power of the Force in whoever wears the crystal. Luke and Company come across a smuggler who claims to know where the kyber crystals might be hidden. For a high price, the smuggler gives Luke the location where the crystals might be. Luke, Jade, C-3PO and R2-D2 arrive at this secret location and startle some thieves who have beaten them to the crystals. The thieves see Luke and company. These thieves immediately flee in their hydro foil water boat over the great ocean of Mon Calamari. Skywalker and company give chase in their own hydro foil. 

After a spectacular chase sequence on the Listinik Ocean, Luke and company manage to overtake the thieves' boat and retrieve the kyber crystals. With the crystals in hand, Skywalker and company leave Mon Calamari and head back to Coruscant. 

On Coruscant, the Republic Senate has voted to increase their military budget in order to defeat the mysterious Mandalorian super commandos.  Somewhere else on Coruscant, Luke, Jade, C-3PO and R2-D2 arrive back home and meet up with Han Solo, Leia Solo, Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca. Han informs Luke that Han, Lando and Chewbacca will scout out the location of the hidden Mandalorian fleet. Luke tells Han to take R2-D2 to help with the mission. Leia decides to remain on Coruscant to meet with some powerful Senators regarding the difficult war with the Mandalorians. 

Han, Lando, Chewbacca, R2-D2 and a Bothan named Terk Minas board the Millennium Falcon and head into space looking for the Mandalorian fleet. Meanwhile, Ben Skywalker (the son of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade), with his Jedi girlfriend named Paron Lighton, are attempting to make the Kessel Run in record time. Together, Ben and Paron fly a two seat fighter with Ben as the pilot and Paron as the navigator. After much excitement, Ben and Paron complete the Kessel Run, but fall short of setting any kind of record. They know that it will take many attempts for them to come close to breaking the record set for completing the Kessel Run. 

Meanwhile back on Coruscant, Luke and Mara Jade are told about a group of Mandalorian fighters that are battling Rogue Squadron. Luke scrambles the Jedi star fighters to help Rogue Squadron. Luke and Jade board two fighters. Luke, Jade and the Jedi strike force enter hyperspace and arrive at the battle. The fighting is very hectic. Several of Rogue Squadron’s fighters have been destroyed. Luke and company enter the battle. Jade’s ship is disabled and Mara Jade is captured by the Mandalorians. Luke tries to reach the Mandalorian cruiser that has Jade. Several Mandalorian fighters attack Luke’s X-Wing. Luke’s X-Wing spirals out of control. The Mandalorians quickly leave the battle with Mara Jade. The life support system of Luke’s X-Wing has been knocked offline. Luke is forced to enter Force hibernation so that he can survive until he is rescued. Soon, Luke is rescued by what’s left of Rogue Squadron. They head back for the safety of Coruscant. 

In deep space, Han and company in the Millennium Falcon have stumbled across the Mandalorian fleet. Han sends the location of the Mandalorian fleet back to the Republic military’s headquarters. Dozens of Mandalorian fighters are sent to take out the Falcon. Han and Lando take control of the Falcon’s laser cannons while Chewbacca pilots the Falcon. The Mandalorian fighters chase after the Falcon and damage the Falcon’s hyperdrive. R2-D2 informs Chewie that the closest inhabited planet is the Wookiee home world called Kashyyyk. 

Chewie heads for Kashyyyk with the Mandalorian fighters closing in on them. After much fighting, Han and Lando manage to take out all the Mandalorian fighters with the Falcon’s turbo lasers. However, the Falcon has been badly damaged. The Falcon safely arrives at Kashyyyk and Chewie lands the Falcon at a space port that is closest to where Chewbacca’s brother lives. Chewbacca has R2-D2 record a message that is to be given to Chewie’s brother. R2-D2 exits the Falcon and heads in the general direction of where Chewie’s brother lives. While R2-D2 is gone, Han, Chewie, Lando and Terk attempt to repair the Falcon. 

Meanwhile, Ben Skywalker and Paron Lighton arrive on Coruscant and meet up with Anakin Solo (the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa Solo) to have drinks at a local night club. While in the night club, Ben, Paron and Anakin are attacked by several thugs. Paron says: “I have a bad feeling about this.” Anakin uses several Force fireballs to take out a couple of the thugs. At the same time, Ben unleashes a Force avalanche which causes a nearby wall to fall on several of the thugs. Paron ignites her light saber and takes out some of the thugs. In a few minutes, the three Jedi have prevailed over the thugs and decide to leave the night club. 

Elsewhere on Coruscant, Luke heads to his apartment on. Luke enters his apartment and feels a tremor in the Force. Someone is in Luke’s apartment. Luke turns on his light saber and looks around. The Dark Jedi named Spiden walks out of the shadows with his light saber on. Spiden tells Luke that Luke should have killed him while Luke had the chance. The two engage in a dramatic light-saber duel. During the duel, Spiden informs Luke that the Jedi failed to destroy the clones of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. Luke is stunned by this revelation. The duel continues and eventually Luke manages to cut Spiden in half from Spiden’s head all the way to the bottom of Spiden’s torso. 

Meanwhile, R2-D2 arrives at Chewie’s brother’s home and plays Chewie’s message for Chewie’s brother. The message tells Chewie’s brother that Chewie and his friends need help securing a new hyperdrive for the Falcon. Chewie’s brother immediately leaves with R2-D2 to find a new hyperdrive. 

Republic spies send a message to Luke that the location of Mara Jade has been found. Luke is elated by this news. The spies inform Luke that Jade can be found on the planet Concorde Dawn, the home world of the Mandalorians. Luke contacts the Jedi temple and states that he will need several hundred Jedi star fighters to accompany him to free Jade from the Mandalorians. Luke invites Ben, Paron and Anakin to accompany the Jedi to rescue Jade. On Kashyyyk, Chewie’s brother and R2-D2 arrive at the Falcon with a new hyperdrive. Luke contacts Han and tells Han that the Falcon is needed to help Luke rescue Mara Jade. Han tells Luke that the Falcon will meet up with Luke as soon as possible. 

Republic spies further inform Luke that the Mandalorians are building thousands of new battle cruisers and fighters that will be used by the Mandalorians to conquer the Republic. Luke knows this Mandalorian fleet must be destroyed at all costs. Luke contacts the Republic military and tells the military to meet Luke at a rendezvous destination. As Luke leaves for battle, Leia says: "May the Force be with you." A few minutes later, Luke and many Jedi in their star fighters wait in deep space for the Republic military and the Millennium Falcon to arrive. 

After a few hours, both the Millennium Falcon and the Republic fleet meet up with Luke and the Jedi warriors. They enter hyperspace and soon arrive at Concorde Dawn. Luke spots a gigantic star ship construction yard that orbits Concorde Dawn. Thousands of Mandalorian battle cruisers and fighters can be seen under construction. Luke and company target this construction yard. Hundreds of Mandalorian star fighters and battle cruisers are launched from the surface of Concorde Dawn. A massive space battle between thousands of star ships erupts above Concorde Dawn. 

Luke locates Mara Jade’s position on Concorde Dawn. Luke asks Ben, Paron and Anakin to accompany him to rescue Jade. The four Jedi arrive on the surface of Coruscant and enter a Mandalorian facility where Jade is being held. Paron uses the Force to read a Mandalorian’s guards mind. By reading this guard’s mind, Paron is able to know exactly where Jade is being hidden in the building. Luke, Ben, Paron and Anakin ignite their light sabers and battle their way thru dozens of Mandalorian super commandos and Agork wolves to reach Jade. Paron is killed during the fighting, but Luke manages to rescue Jade. Luke, Jade and Anakin exit the Mandalorian facility. Ben exits with the body of Paron slung over his back. 

The Republic fleet and the Jedi star fighters completely annihilate the Mandalorian military. The Mandalorians surrender and agree to enter a peace agreement with the Republic. The Jedi arrive back on Coruscant and hold a funeral service for Paron Lighton and the dozens of other Jedi who died in the Battle of Concorde Dawn. Ben places Paron on a Jedi pyre and Paron’s body is consumed by a fire. Dozens of dead Jedi are burned, which is the way the Jedi honor their dead. Hundreds of Jedi solemnly watch as Paron and the other Jedi are consumed by the fire. While the Mandalorian war is now over, the Jedi paid a very high price. The Dark Jedi, with the clones of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, still remain a major threat to the stability of the Republic

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