Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Check In, Check Out

Hari nie aku dah terima kontrak keje.Kontrak selama 3 bulan. Memang ngam2 lah sepanjang cuti semester aku nie. Agak2 dah habis 3 bulan nanti, memang cari idea nak chow lah.Sekarang nie dah masuk 2 minggu keje.Setakat nie , ok lah.Biasa lah kerja kaunter kan, asyik berdiri je lah.Duduk pun kejap-kejap je.Tapi yang best, memandangkan sekarang nie musim panas, so aku nikmati sepenuhnya waktu kerja sebab berada dalam aircond.haha.Bab lain, so far not bad.In fact, i found this job really train my communications skills.The most important part that i found for the past 2 weeks, experience is gold.Another thing is, this job also help me to improve and polish my english.i thought my english is good but i thought wrong.Totally wrong.And this is the perfect platfrom for me, for the whole 3 months for me to polish up again my english, especially speaking . In addition to that, i get to add new experience and gained new knowledge about world view from the hotel or tourism perspective. Unfortunately, i found one little disturbing problem , which is clashes with Red Warrior. My line work require me to work in shift and right now i have to carefully manage my work timetable so that i would be able to watch Red Warrior played.The most anticipated date would be this upcoming FA Cup Final on 11 June. I think i have to make up some concrete excuses.Just don't tell my bos.I guess that's all for now.Need to get some sleep and some food.Bye.

p/s those want to book rooms in KB, just give me a call.haha

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