Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rooting for Film

it's been a while since i watched new films.The last film i watch ( by downloading) was Limitless.From Astro First, i had watched kongsi ( really disappointed) and now waiting for KL Gangster to come out on Astro First. This year, i have been waiting for X Men First Class, Fast Five, Transformer 3, Green Latern. And none of them i watch. Really need to find some opportunity to watch them all. Transformer will be out next week.The others are all be showed in cinema.But , here in my beloved hometown, there are no cinemas so i got to be patient and wait until September to watch them all. Hopefully, some of my friends buy all those film or maybe downloading them from somewhere.People said, waiting is hurt and i found that so damn true. Waiting to see the film sometimes can create havoc. The expectation will be high and when we finally see the film and our expectations do not meet those expected satisfactions, we will be a little bit disappointed.But hopefully, all those film that i miss out will not be another flop.

p/s. Hoping to see Transformers 3 in Blu-Ray by September. It would be great. isn't it?

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