Friday, October 14, 2011

Episode 5 - Revenge of Mat Yo

Best football game will happen tonite.After one hell of a match last monday in which Kelantan lost by a virtual 3-1 to Nemesis, Terengganu. A match where the focus is not on the best Malaysian player on the field, or the best die hard fan in the country, but the match was marred with the insanity of a referee. Why insanity? it's just like a movie. In the right corner we have Kelantan, last year defending Malaysian Cup  and this year Super League Champion, and in the left we have Terengganu, this year FA Cup champion battling each other that promise all football fan, a mouthful of entertainment where almost more than half of the player in that match are national players. But stand in the middle is one crazy referee who might be lost his judgement over the hype of a derby match or might not able to handle the pressure of this kind of match. Surely, FAM might argue that players and fans are responsible for the referee actions where he put out 5 red cards. But sadly, the consequences of that incident lies beyond the result. Yes, tonite, Kelantan might win or lost by some causes or maybe just not enough potent strikers. Terengganu might win or lost tonight by mere luck or superior quality but overall, the impact of last Monday match goes beyond the match between these two football club. The football fans whether supporting RED or WHITE or simply neutral can see the incompetence of referee. No wonder our referee does not get the right recognition in the world stage. just ask subkhidin, the retired officials. FAM once again pile up the hate that all football fan in this country carries and the burden is not on how to make Malaysia repair the ranking but on how to make the fans felt something toward FAM rather than hate.
Ok, stop talking about FAM now focusing on tonight match. Why i called it Episode 4? lets rewind a little bit. Just something to ponder before the big game. Because when the referee start the match tonight, nothing else matters. Nothing, not even rain.

Episode 1 - Stalemate menace
Kelantan 1 -  Terengganu 1
Match being played in Kota Bharu where Kelantan still lingering on the prize of conquering Super League. Terengganu still building up the potent strikes in Abdul Hadi, Kallang Tie and Ashaari. The match mostly involve in the middle and in the end , the visitors would be the one that smile as they manage to steal one point from the fortress of KB. Kelantan, despite moaning about the missing chances, would be glad not to lose and might argue that this team would be their nemesis, not Selangor that had been provoked by the media all year long.

Episode 2 - Rise of Mat Yo
Terengganu 0 - Kelantan 3
One week before the final FA cup in Bukit Jalil. This match in fact can be called a warm up match. But as both team locked at the top of the table, one can't simply overlook this match. As both team prepared for the Final FA cup match, both managers tries not to burden their players with too much expectations. As for the fans, both want the win as it might give extra spirit to bring to Bukit Jalil. In this match, Mat Yo validate his status as national striker as he score 2 goals that bring Kelantan the edge in conquering the Super League title. This match was a meaningful one as all fans might think that Kelantan is just one step closer in a year of conquest of domestic football. But it was a mistake..

Episode 3 - Peteh strikes back
Kelantan 1 - Terengganu 2 (extra time)
FA Cup final. Bukit Jalil. Thousands of spectators. Thousands of fans. Millions watching. 11 players.1 ball. one split second. A match that people being waiting. Red vs White. It started slowly. Ball mainly played in the middle of the field. Both set of players still anxious not to do something stupid. But then came a boomer. A masterclass pass, and a world class lob from Roya to give Kelantan the lead. Kelantan then sit back.A mistake from Karathu. Irfan urge his players to move forward. They got nothing to lose. Then, out of nowhere, in a matter of second, a mistake by Kelantan defenders broke all Red Warriors heart. Daudsu misjudge the ball and headed into his own goal. Terengganu equalize. Hell broke open. Terengganu gained momentum. Kelantan lose faith. Into extra time. It seems Kelantan players just demoralized. Terengganu took their chance. Nordin Alias finally ended the match with a winning goal that beat Apek. Terengganu won FA Cup. Another bitter lost to Kelantan who yet to win FA Cup.

Episode 4 - A Red Hope
Terengganu 3 - Kelantan 1
Malaysian Cup quarter final. First leg. Kuala Terengganu . A match that supposedly give the football culture it's fullest color. But in the end. RED is only the color it shown. A derby match between clubs that not only connected through geographic but also everything else, social, culture, language, history and political ideology. A match that should give rajagopal , national managers, something to think about. But it seem another figures like to be the center of attention. 5 red card was shown that night. 2 to terengganu and another 3 to Kelantan. 2 red card even being shown before half time. Kelantan lost. Terribly but still manage to plant some HOPE seed in scoring one away goal. Terengganu gained edge. But in the end both lost to referee. Both preparations crushed as both key players will be missing

Episode 5 - Revenge of Mat Yo..
Tonight..KB..Fortress of Red Warrior. Where the fans had been the number 12 players. Where winning is only matter. Where playing defensive is a crime here. Where the culture being labeled hooliganism by others.Tonight the match will be remembered. Win or lost. It does not matter anymore. Pride.


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