Monday, October 17, 2011

One Hell of expression

i think i am a damn good friend. i think i'm right.
i seldom said no
i always fulfill what i promised
ask around
i'm not good at lying
or maybe i just suck at lying
or maybe I was buried in my lies
but one thing for sure, i won't be over lying on something
i often speak what's on my mind
i might hurt someone
worse, i might hurting myself
but the fact is i'm one good friends
my method might be different
my ways might be cruel
my action might be foolish
but in the end
the result is all that matter
life taught me 
we'll never satisfy others
even worst
the expectation is great
but none is greater that our own expectation
Hell, I know for sure I’m not that great
I’m not that perfect
But for a friends
I surely can give the best
I’m not asking much
Nor money
Nor fame
Just a little gratitude might be help
Or simpy I’m just asking too much
Or maybe Friendship need no reason
Or maybe, just go to hell with everything
Hate is just a term

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