Friday, November 11, 2011

FM 2012 My Inter story

Yes..All football maniacs had gone awol this month. All because of the new release of FM2012. i also had got a piece of it. The new version offer a lot more for football fanatics out there. With added features such as more PR functions, a more user friendly match preparation, managing a football club never been harder.
One thing that i like the most about this new FM is the current database that involving Malaysian football. Thank god this time around FM have used a more realistic and logical football names. Despite that, the stats of some player still mismatch with the current one. At least Nor Shahrul Idlan Talaha is still the best strikers in Malaysia, i got nothing to complain more.I started to play Kelantan and Inter for the new FM.But managing Kelantan is very very hard. With the non transfer window shutting down, you can buy player all year long and worse, harimau muda player are up for sale.The attendance is awful, i meant how they did not realise that the minimum attendance in Sultan Muhammad ke 4 stadium is way higher than just 5000? it should be at least 12000.And i don't understand why Malaysian Super League must have at least one player under 21 in the first eleven team? that rule has long gone in reality world. However i must congratulate FM as this time, they almost got everything as they should be in real world. I mean Terengganu is so strong and Negeri Sembilan is way better with all the line up.
Move on to Inter..i guess it must a dream come true to replace Ranieri early in the season , even better replace Gasperini before he destroyed Inter just like in the real world. Inter at the beginning did not have extravagant money so i just have to deal with the players that already in the club. Next one secure the contracts of some co-own players. I signed in long term Joel Obi as i predict he can be backup midfielder for Sneider and Cambiasso. Overall, all positions in Inter team are strong. The main problem is some key positions are old, the same with real world. But there's nothing i can do about it as there's not much money available yet. (i wonder where all the money from Eto sale gone?). the next step is to choose the right tactics to accompany all the best player in San Siro. I mean we got many strikers, not much natural winger and many central midfielders, with aging defenders. So, i surf and found some wonderful tactics.
The first one is 4-3-3. this tactics was used for barcelona.It used 3 strikers, 3 CM and the usual backfour. I guess i can give it a try as Pazzini, Zarate, Forlan, Milito are all excellent striker. But have  modify a little as the tactic required 2 Defensive Forward to accompany one trequesta. So i put Pazzini as target man, Milito work best as Deep Lying Forward and Forlan as Trequesta. It really work. Forlan is natural killer in that position with the supply from Zarate who usually swap role with Milito. Pazzini is the one that make defenders running with his head. For Midfield, Sneider, Coutinho, Dejan, Cambiasso, Motta and Poli are all natural CM. With that tactics, Sneider, Cambiasso and Motta really blending together. For the defender there are not much a problem. Maicon on the right, Lucio and Samuel in center and Nagatomo with Chivu (occasionally) on the left. Maicon is a beast on the right back. Lucio scores a lot with his header. With this tactics, my Inter started to be the King of Serie A before long. Entering January, my Inter separated others with 3 match points. Then something wonderful happen. My board give extra money for transfer and then i found out that Tevez is unhappy in man city. Just like in real world. I mean this is a golden chance. I bid for Tevez. Man City agreed to sold him for 29 Million. Quite a lot actually but i guess i must not miss the chance to sign Tevez. Put aside his problem, he still is the most feared striker.Beside, Forlan and Milito is 30 something already. So with Tevez finally arrive in San Siro, my Inter has added extra weapon. Tevez work best in Central Forward as trequesta where he roam around, shot from distance and the partnership between him and Forlan are lethal. Forlan scores 26 goals in his first season in Italy. Another 10 in Europe as i usually rest him in Italy to focus more on Europe. Zarate is also remarkable striker. Whenever Tevez or Forlan tired , i rest them and give the chance to Zarate. It works. Zarate can play on the right and left winger. I forgot to mention one player, that is Ricardo Alvarez. new signing just before i arrive. i used him to be replacement for sneider in Italy when i face weaker team. At the end, my Inter won Serie A, surprising Man Utd to get the Champions League and defeat Juventus for Italian Cup. Forlan even been crowned the best striker in Europe as he scored more than any other striker at that time.
That's just for my debut season as Inter manager. Now i am entering my third season. The second season is tougher but that's story is for another time. For now, i guess i have to end it here. Got FM to play.

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