Saturday, December 3, 2011

Update on my FM

Still on playing FM2012.Currently managing Man City.I actually playing Man City not because of the money that they have but looking on adding the trophy and the challenge that came with it. We all know that Man City is a club that long had been overshadowed by Red Devils and now, backed with 'oil money', they begin the steps to be recognized as one of the clubs that need to be reckon with. The first step i did managing Man City is looking to solve the problem in defender right and midfield. yes, man city has already many world class midfield but in order to compete in all competition, i still need one trully world class midfield center. Nigel and Yaya toure are more on defensive, and Silva and Nasri more toward attack. Milner and Barry are more suitable to be the key, box to box MC. at first i tried the newbarcelona formation which adapted 4-3-1-2. With 1 DLP supported by ball winning midfield and advanced playmaker. In term of strikers, Man City has enough back up. Aguerro, Tevex and Dzeko are all superb. Other main problem was finding the best defender right. In the first season, only zabaleta is the best they have and i tried to find other that can challenge him. Maicon is too price, and old already. der Wiel has some problem with the injury fitness. The best one i could get was Darijo Srna. This one is trully inspiring signing. Really made a lot of assist as i play him as wing back right. In MC, i managed to buy Ganso from Santos. Not only he is as good as lampard, he is still young. He will be the key of Man City. My vision with City was to develop our player and not rely on buying top-top players in the future. yes, the price for Srna and Ganso are high as i bought them for 60 million both. But this investment was successful one.
In the first season, Aguerro was superb. Top scorer in the team. With around 30 goals in all competition. One player that i used as Aguerro back up is balottelli. tevez is also wonderful player. really helped in attacking. Barry is the one that really machine in the middle. I used him, de jong and Yaya toure as the core midfield.We manage to be the England champion but lost to barcelona in champions league quater final. Entering second season, i tried to applied 4-3-3  as i want more goals. So i get Pedro, Cavani and yaya sanogo to help the attackers. Pedro only cost me 13 million as he was transfer listed in Nou Camp. Cavani price 35 million. It was worth it. With new formation and rotation with the help of milner, nasri, vladimir weiss, this time we manage to be the champion of europe. In the third season, i did not buy big. Only bought Kyriakos papadoulous for 12 and Jordan Henderson to be the replacement for the aging Barry. In term of finance, i manage to sell Silva, adebayor, kolo toure, zabaleta, santa cruz in span of 3 season so i guess i somehow balance the money that i spent with the money that i get from the salary cap that was reduced with the sale of those players.
next step in Man city was rebuilding with the core players. Some aging players need to be replaced with the new one. Looking for bargain young player that can play in midfield and defence. In strikers, yaya sanogo still young and balotelli still a killer in the penalty box.

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