Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cyber Crime Malaysia

Malaysia, in its bids to be technologically advanced has put into place its various national Information Communication and Technology (ICT) projects such as Multimedia Super Corridor and the various technology parks to promote the use and development of ICT to all Malaysians. Such developments will further enlarge the widespread of cyber culture to Malaysians and thus the threat of cyber crime will become bigger and bigger. As cyber crime being discussed earlier fall into 4 major categories which are against individuals, property, organisations and society, all parties need to work together in order to prevent cyber crimes. Malaysia must constantly check and conduct measurements to determine the use utility of its current laws to combat cybercrime. For individual effort on the other hand, education and awareness on cyber crime is a must so that cyber criminals would have no chance to commit crimes in internet world. One thing for sure is that the online environment nowadays where we all live with smart phones, laptops and social media, the threat of cyber crimes cannot and will never get rid by just a one sided effort. 
We don't need to do much or know much in preventing cyber crime from happen, all that needed is just a simple act or guide of consciousness from the user. We can started to train to delete our particulars after using  the network in PC or laptops. We can started to respect others privacy. Be alert with others who might seem to be a little bit suspicious toward our life. 
Cyber crime is a serious matter. We all should play our make the world wide web a little safer. 

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