Monday, April 23, 2012

Back to settle

Finally, returned back to campus life yesterday night..It's had been a hectic, tiring weekend.My sister got married. Now, it's two of my younger sister got married before me..Haha..The same old questions pop out at the her wedding ceremony, "so when you gonna married?"..Well, i just answered the same, universal answer, "soon" but definitely not this year,,this year it's already two wedding, it going to be one hell of a year if my family got to organize three wedding in the same year..
Anyway, congratulations to both my sister.Hopefully they will found happiness in the wedding life.And to my younger sister, hopefully the condition of the new baby will always in the top condition although it's going to be another 7 month or so before she in labor.Next week my family will attend the ceremony at Bertam, Kepala Batas , Pulau Pinang.Hopefully i can attend that one..
Arrived at Selangor with tired body and mind. Today woke up and start to think on the work that need to completed.Tomorrow, really wish my SV have time to set an appointment.And today, start to scan through any works that need to see.Some of the works are already in motion just a little bit touch.
Now for football. Sadly, missed a few important games this weekend. Kelantan, el classico and Inter.For Kelantan, semi final first leg against Kedah prove to be a daunting task.i did not get to watch the full match ats i was cleaning up house after the wedding.i also did not get the chance to go to the stadium saturday night.but i got to see some highlight of the game.2 red card..unnecessary one. A lot of play acting on Kedah side. I really piss on the term "fair play"..People seem to use fair play although the right word for it is acting dumb in order to waste time on football..Kelantan got many chances in front of the goal but it seem the attacking part lost their touch that night..the sad thing were, Daudsu gonna miss the return leg in Alor Setar..Piya picked up injury and hopefully not a serious one. Good thing was NorShahrul can play full now and he with Ghaddar can link up again to score  a lot of goal for Kelantan.Next mission gonna be in Vietnam tomorrow..Win and can move in the next stage..For elclassico, i already sound asleep when the game started. Woke up the next morning and saw real madrid celebrating with barca player had the sad look on their face.Ronaldo finally reassure his status when facing messi and Mourinho once again prove he is the special one. Not many team can come to Nou Camp and put this great barca side in the losing side..the La Liga title although in term of maths still can be grab by Barca but in term of psychologically, Ronaldo CR7 and the gang already achieve it.Unless, there would be a miracle for the remaining fixture which i doubt will happen when Mourinho still at the helms of Real Madrid.As for Inter, another draw agains Fiorentina. Another mishap in the process of acquiring the last place for Champions Leagues. Started to think for the next season, if Inter were not in Champions League, it would a misfortune.It really is.
Okay, that's all after quite some time being quiet here on this blog.Already started surfing and browse through some works.Can not wait for this two more month to go by..

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