Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lesson in Life

Many people live the way they want.Some people live the way they never need. Several people live the way they always crave. A few people live the way life should be. The basis is that, life is what we all want, but sometimes we will never see, achieve or taste it. But unfortunately, that is the mystery of life that human in all over the world must face. The reality is so simple yet it is so much complex..

One thing i learned over the years, over the times when it seem regret is just another word for satisfaction, where sadness is just a boundary away from happiness, and when happiness is achieve when pain is conquered, that we will never know what might happen in the future. We can plan from A to Z.We can prepare different strategies from 1 until 10, but the bottom line is, praying is the most, highhandedly, undoubtedly , powerful weapon in our life. Our Most Mighty Lord, Allah, is the sole giver, the sole taker, the Most Biggest, Enormous, that we must always counted for. Time is just a tool that stuck between relativity.Time can be bend.. We make time if there no time. We spend time if there are time.

In this final weeks of learning and living the life that some people had long forget (in my age especially), i learn to trust more toward the future. I did not know what the future bring but one thing for sure, i must depend on the past. The more i face "NO", i know for sure that one day, i will get the "YES". I must continue.This road will look weary. Body can be recharge, mind can be rested, money can be seek, time can be manage but for that special, once in a lifetime chance, i know i should, i must, i had to be there to grab it.Human ability is nothing compared to chance that life throw at us. That window of opportunity will always be open to person who always find the door.Only me and myself alone can shut that window or just simply take it for granted.

For now, i will explore. My heart said another, my mind might said another but finally i know both of them might cross out someday in between. For i just a human being, who simply depend solely to God. Fate is what we choose to be and how we want it to be.

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