Thursday, September 20, 2012

its must be so funny that i had to laugh

people said laughter is the best medicine
it is damn true..hahahaa
life is funny.hahaha
is not funny?hahahaa
give examples..
people work hard,honest get little pay
people sit all day,sleep all night,get connection here and there get more salary,more money.
the rule of jungle in this city.the strong prey on the weak..hahahaha
the strong get the best food.hahahha
in this world people dont look at you,they judge by your power,your money,your past,your big car,your big house,your big pocket.hahahah
who care you honest or not.hahahaha
who care you humble or not.hahaha
people judge the fat people.hahahah
people judge the ugly people.hahaha.
people salute who got fair face.hahahha
people adore who have nice voice.hahahahh
people will always be people rite.hahahah
well.just keep on laughing..hahahah
what can you do..what should you do?hahahaha
not a damn thing..hahahaha
not a single thing.hahahaha
nothing except for yourselves.hahaha
right now..just keep on laughing..hahahah.

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