Saturday, September 1, 2012

This is it

And it finally arrive should had been done earlier.way should have never was a mistake to think again.but on the bright side time is all at had to be this way.its for the best.and now just like before hoping time will heal everything.but this time it was way was not like before.but time can not be recalled.
So have to take it anyway.time will heal people say.scars will always be there.pain just the best remedy for eveeything.for human the world is everything.everyone chase the time of the future.but me chasing the present of all the past.
Sometimes things just had to be silent as they were.sometimes all had to be let go.sometimes silent is all life need.sometimes somewhere somehow all will be ok.because life is just the way it is.its how we want it to we people is making people happy. People change.people forget.past present future.what is the different?only pain and scars that just a false amend the repair the wrongs..only time is needed.for better.or for worse.let time decide.because we,human are all slave of our own heart.its better to be heartless than to be mindless.

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