Wednesday, December 12, 2012

1000 and still counting on

Looking at all the entries in this blog I can’t help but to laugh at myself. I would not even dream to have this blog for all these year and even reach the 1000 entries. Yes, many would argue that my blog is nothing compared to others. I surely admit that my blog is nothing much and I also know that some of my entries are plain stupid. Nowadays there are tons of blogger and even primary students now know blogging. But still, I am proud of my blog, my entries and all the contents inside it.

And thus, reaching 1000 entries would have to be some kind of milestone for this blog. This blog will and should achieve more and with God permission, as long as I can write, I will take care of this blog. It does not matter how many or who read my blogs as long as I know, I will the number one reader for this blog. 

Thank you to all followers and readers of this blog for many years before. Thank you for showing your support whether you are just a silent reader, I still appreciate. And as the year 2012 is coming to an end, and the year 2013 is approaching, my only hope is that my blog will be as it should be. All the contents in this blog I would have to say involve much on football, current issues and personal stuff, I hope some of my writing would reach out to some readers out there. I am not blogging for the sake of money or fame. I am not reaching out for that. If there will be some money generated by this blog, then that would be some bonus for me. I just blogging for the sake of writing and expressing my self.

Once again. Thank you to all.

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