Thursday, February 28, 2013

Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Fire Sale 2013

Yes, to all those book maniacs and probably some book worm who can't get enough of book from last year Big Bad Wolf, the Wolf once again set foot at MIECC for the Aftermath Firesale starting today until 4th March.

I was unfortunate to be near The Mines this morning and as soon as 9 am, i went straight there. At this morning, there were still not many people and so it was a pleasant to park and walked straight into the hall. i guess the timing was perfect and i can go through all the books sections without difficulty and with so much pleasure. Finally, i managed to grabbed the above few books, mainly on sports. As it was still early in the morning, even the staff would carry my book at the cashier counter. Just imagine that.  And starting today and this weekend, the Mines will be really packed and MIECC would surely crowded like a pack of tuna.

So, grab boxes and ATM card and straight away come to MIECC, just beside the Mines Shopping Complex to find the books at ridiculous prices. If you miss this, you have to wait for the end of this year for another biggest book sale in Malaysia (hopefully).

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