Thursday, February 21, 2013

Line, Hook and Sink

I bet most of us would understand and must have heard somewhere a proverb from Chinese about education, a famous saying that not only touch on education, but also cover a lot more, politics, educations, religion and even life itself. That proverb would be 

“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime"

 Most of us would agree on this, and I bet only a few, or even only a fool would think that this proverb is wrong, one way or another. Just apply this in our reality, the true meaning of this proverb would be that educate. It means that if you simply give food to a poor, needy man, it is the least you can do for him. He will not be hungry today; however, he will get hungry tomorrow again. If you teach a man to get food by himself or, in other words, to earn money to get food and other things he needs, it means a real, full-scale help to him for his lifetime. Well there you go, my interpretation and i guess most would agree some or maybe all of it. Education is very powerful tool. It can move a country, a race or even the world itself.  And this proverb in fact can really solve many problems in this world. 

Take for example our graduates problem in this country. Every year, statistic being drawn out suggesting that our universities students lacking the necessary skills to be able to survive in the work force. But every people only pointed out the blame on the graduates not even on the whole educations system. Just take a look at the statistic? Are the graduates from IPTA that are mostly unemployed? And if so, most people would agree that students only learn English, as being pointed out the most sought out skills to be able to get a job in the world today but in school or in universities, students not learning about English but simply just study. It is two different things. Learning and studying for me are different. Back to the root of the problem, what make people think the graduate are jobless? If in fact the education systems have taught the graduates how to fish, or in the real life, how to survive in the real world, they would not be jobless right now, in fact they will be educated on how to survive in the real life for a lifetime. But, the cold hard truth is that, our education system is a mess. This is points that need to ponder. Graduates themselves are not to blame solely for the unemployed crisis.

Next would be about politics and our real life. Nowadays, everywhere government or specifically BN are delivering BR1M, money for students in primary and secondary schools and book voucher for the IPTA & IPTS graduates. RM500 for those who deserve to receive it, and even another RM200 for those under 30 to buy smart phone. The total for that alone cost our government, a staggering millions of ringgit, and one of the most important thing that we have to remember is that ringgit is our money, government collection from the tax we pay in every single thing we buy, here in our country. For the case of BR1M, yeah, in the surface it look like the government acting so generous or cool and even the TPM stated that BR1M might be continue for years to come and might even increase to RM1000. So let’s roughly calculate, if the person needs to be eligible to receive the BR1M, he at least should earn something below RM2000. Adding the RM1000 to that and it would be RM3000. Let’s take the person who earn RM2, 300 but he, according to rule, cannot apply for the BR1M thus try comparing their earning. One is RM2, 300 and another one would be RM3000.  Is it fair in one way? Let’s just take it for an example. Would it be more appropriate to come with something else with those millions of ringgit that can even benefit more people in the long run.  Let’s take this story for an example. A fisherman who can’t afford to go out fishing whining and  asking for money to the government along with the other same old fate people in that coastline. Now, the government then tells them they would help them by giving out money each year. That money however will be spend by that fisherman in just a week and then he waited and whining again to be able to receive that same money in the following year. By contrast, the government come up with some sort of plan where all those unfortunate people get to learn and improve their fishing skill by some experts or a scheme on fisherman’s boat where all those fisherman were given a deep sea boat as a loan and they now can go out to catch bigger and more fish. Not only now he can earn more money throughout the year but also as their living is upgraded, the nation or in that case the government also improve. 

How? Well, we can not totally reduce the poverty to a complete zero but we can in one way improve. Simply by education. People might said that it is easier than said but it is sad to accept that is the right way. Just look at our education climate now. The rich and powerful people are more and more educated simply because they can afford to go better school and buy better books and receive better equipment. Those unfortunate family only care if their sons or daughter s finished the SPM and go work somewhere. If the scheme can somehow be put up to target those unfortunate people, we might not only change their living but also the mentality of the whole nation. That road although is more difficult but promise better outcome that just simply giving out money bluntly. Another thing that come up would be to reduce the tax that will surely improve the cost of living and that people might find out that earning RM2000 is more than enough compare to the situation right now. 

So, prepare the line, hook and sink. We now got a big fish to catch. Whether the fish throw themselves to us or we simply catch and release that fish it is all up to us.

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