Monday, February 4, 2013

Wishful Wish

Sometimes we wish we will be like someone else, be in someone else job, have someone else life, live someone else life. Some people wish the happiness of the past can be brought forward, some wish for the present to never stop and others wish that the future would come as fast as they could.

Just like in Aladdin where a boy wish a genie come out from a lamp and granted his wish and got married to a princess and live happily ever after, most of us wish we will be granted with many wishes that will put out all of our misery. We wish we could own a big car. We wish could earn a good living. We wish we could have a big family. We wish we would have made the right decision. We wish for everything to be okay. But in reality, the wish just a fool’s errant.

How I wish my life would not kill the dream I dream? How I wish everything go according to the plan? How I wish the world would just stop? How I wish this wish not becoming just a wish?

People always said, be careful of what you are wishing, you might never know what will come out from your wish. I wish sometimes I have the gut to mend everything, sometimes to tell all the truth, sometimes to leave all behind, sometimes to just leap forward, for better or worse. But it’s all just a wish. Because in reality, the best wishes we will ever get is just plain simple, I wish I could just live for tomorrow. That’s the best wish a human could ever wish.

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