Monday, March 11, 2013

In Pursuit of Happiness.

This entry is not based on the famous, true-inspiring novel and adaption film by the same name, starred by Will Smith. But mentioning that one, I would say, and most people who already had the opportunity to watch that film or read the novel would have to agree that that movie was one damn excellent movie. The core of the film, I would say, in my opinion, would be hardship and never give up would give you the edge in the pursuit of happiness.

More or less, that is what I am going to write today. 

Most people, and I don’t want to say all people as some people sometimes choose not to be happy due to some unexplainable and out of this world reasons. Most people in their own shoes and own road, are always in the pursuit of happiness. 

But what is happiness actually is?

To define the meaning or the context of happiness would be a child’s play. Everyone entitle to their own happiness. And the most important thing in happiness is the source that makes or creates something for us to be happy. Human is the only species in this world that being blessed with the uniqueness of the ever powerful brain. Our brain along with the heart always, constantly will find something to make us happy. Even for just a second in our lifetime. 

So the question would be what makes us happy?

We always hear people saying that there are many kind of happiness in this life. And each types of happiness do not always come in cheap. Some people work hard so that they can find happiness in term of material, big house, big car, just citing an example. Some others leave all behind, just to find their own version of happiness. People live in the city do not share the same happiness like the people living in rural area. European people see happiness differently from the Asian people.

For me, there are two kinds of happiness in this world. From these two, the first one is the happiness that you find within yourself which mean that you will do anything and everything just to make yourself happy. We might hear some stories about some people that would go extra mile just to make them happy. Some people choose to work as that makes them happy. Some prefer to not working because they know, by working, they will not be happy. Others have their own reasoning. The second would be, happiness come after you make other people happy. One direct example would be people who dealt and really cherish the people around them. These types of people do not afraid to do something unselfishly just to make sure other people happy. When these people see their effort bear the fruit, then they will be happy. Most people would say that happiness and selfish can’t mingle together. I have to beg to differ. Happiness and Selfish really intertwine and in fact sometimes you can’t find happiness if you are too selfish. But hey, there are some people who really selfish, egoistic, paranoid and narcissism that really happy with their life and their world. I would prefer the latter one. I prefer to make others happy in my pursuit of happiness. But sometimes people would questioning me, why did you do something for others even though you know, or did not know that actions would not make yourself happy. When I see others happy, I would also become happy. That is so much easier to swallow and in fact much way more satisfying. I could not care less about myself. Why would do something that only bring happiness for yourself when other around you felt differently?

In truth, happiness is too abstract. Other might say that happiness come when you and others finally reach the point where both know what make happiness last forever. Other just wants you to be happy. You just want others to be happy. The cycle will keep on going and nothing, or maybe absolutely everything in this world revolves around our pursuit of find the true meaning of happiness. 

Sometime, there will come a period in our life where we don’t know whether we know that we do know the thing that we need to know before we don’t know on what to do with our life. Hope is the rope that holds together happiness and time as the past so much so become the tallest fence we have to climb up so that we can achieve the present thus looking for the future with happiness in our grip. 

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” Mahatma Gandhi

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