Monday, April 8, 2013

Best Film in 2013..(so far)

Okay..We are entering the early part of April. Some people might say or think, a quarter of the year 2013 had been passed through. There had been many thing happened in the last 3 months and surely there are so much more waiting in front of us. One of the biggest in our country would be the general election. Personally, the last 3 months in the year 2013 had been one hell of a ride. Not even a chance in a blue moon i would pictured myself to be sitting here, on the place i am right now. But hey, that's life, that's reality. A lot of emotional, spiritual and physical attributions had to be endured but it's all just a part of something bigger and just a fraction of what will happen in the future.

Now, just something fun to be share by all of us. Honestly, i would say, coming to this month, i had not watch that much movies compared to last year. Right now i just watched old movies dated back to early 2000s something like that. But , aside from that, i would say, if you want to compare 2013 and 2012, some might argue that in 2012 we have like 3 obviously best movie or trilogy (Avengers, Batman, James Bond). Well, that's just in my personal, humble thought, however, i would say not many people would disagree with me on that right, except, those Twillight die hard fan.

Coming to the year 2013, although we are just in the entering the month of April, there are still many great movie lining up and there had been some who had captured, millions of films' fan all over the world.Below are some of my best film for this year and i have to stress out here that, some of these movie will not be premiering until in the upcoming months but from the title itself i can predict it can be one hell of a movie. Also, not forgetting that, some of the movies that i had seen was somehow appealing to my likes but it might surely be totally different to another persons.So here it goes.  

The best films (and upcoming films) for 2013.
  1. Wreck it Ralph..-fun.something fresh.Although i would normally prefer something other than a cartoon but i would say this movie bring something new for the audience.And i bet this movie to sit alongside other great cartoon film such as finding nemo and lion king, or maybe Toy Story.
  2. Django Unchained - Jamie Foxx. Slave turn to bounty hunter. Western Cowboy setting with thriller plot that make you even wanting more than what you already watched. 
  3. Zero Dark Thirty - else..yeah.Put aside the core film but this movie is more like a documentary with highly complex script that would make one can not help but wander.

  4. The Impossible- based on true story of tsunami in Thailand.Naomi Watt once again produced one of the most powerful character. Must watch film to see the struggle and aftermath of the true catastrophic of big tsunami
  5. Iron Man 3 - Tony Stark is back.what more could i say?
  6. Thor - Dark World - Yes.Thor will once again smash his large awesome hammer.
  7. The Wolverine - one of the most popular X-men character will hit Japan. Wolverine fighting ninjas. What more you could ask for?
  8. Hobbit - i did not even watch the first one yet but just like the lord of the rings, for me the second part would always be the best in any trilogy.
  9. Pacific Rim - Robot fight creatures bigger than Godzilla. Transformer + Real Steel + Godzilla.Let's keep waiting.
  10. Man Of Steel - Saving the best for the last or saving the super man for the last. Another superman reboot film. this time got the touch from the Batman creator. Guess would be darker and more real.
p/s..Gi Joe and Die Hard 5 did not get the reviewed as for me, comparing to the previous films of these two, the latest one would make people fall asleep in the cinema. Trust me on this.

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  1. Ak tdo sggh maso tgk G.I. Joe...Mujur x landing kt awek sblh...ahahaha


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