Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Politics is not thermonuclear astrophysics

Yes, we are still talking about the general election. Yes, this whole thing will not go away easily. Some argue that this election talk will be drag until, maybe for the next 5 year or so, if Najib would not do something utterly out of this world, like changing the constitution, for example. But anyhow, on this losing side, which in fact, should be view as a moral victory still mourning on the result. Well, nobody want to accept losing in some would say dirty and immoral way. On the other side, although winning, I would guess they looking on something for the next 4, 5 years and that’s why now, the viral message on racism and hating toward chinese voters are crawling up the mass media. Glass should not be viewed half empty but please and please be optimistic, we should look the glass half full. Need to pour water not throw away all the water inside the glass

For me, all this confusion, all these talks, all these bullshit message that some parties sending out are just plain too dumb. Racism happen almost everywhere in the world. Please read the world history. Please travel more. Don’t give the crap on something based on emotional. What, you don’t get the vote from Chinese, they choose DAP, so they must be kill? They will be the threat to the government. Excuse me, isn’t MCA a Chinese representatives? Or maybe MCA is just another sub party for UMNO, maybe MCA stand for Malay Campur Association or whatever. I don’t get these racism talks. Too damn paranoid. Too damn homophobic. Now many people afraid Chinese will rule the nation. Now many people want to kill those chinese. Now many people want to hate Chinese. But why now? Just because they got many votes? Or maybe just because they are just a chinese and not Malays. Is Islam teach Muslim to hate other race? No. None what so ever. But no, we malay must rule Malays. People should only vote for BN. No party is allow. Especially Chinese. We must hate Chinese, especially Dap. Full of Crap. If you are afraid of Chinese, then answer all these question for me.Is Koh Tsu Koon a Malay? Ex Gerakan Leader who Rule Penang before? Chua Soi Lek is Chinese right? So why don’t hate them?Nope, can not, because MCA still under BN. So don’t talk about racism when the real thing is you want BN to win at all cost. If you said you want to fight the Chinese even with blood then go curse on Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Chinese leader who orchestrate the coalition with BN in the old days. Scold those who let PAP under Lim Kuan Yew took Singapore, even scold the British who throw the Chinese in Malaya. Be reasonable and think logically.

All people start to boycott the Chinese. Simply because of the race. Simpy because of politics. Look at this way, Chinese have DAP and MCA. They largely choose DAP because they felt DAP can represent their voice better than MCA. They swing their vote to Pakatan because they no longer felt BN can bring something good. Now, all those people start worrying, starting hating. People start saying Malay should unite. PAS should join UMNO. But no one ever said UMNO should join PAS. People said this is just because of Malay, because of Islam not over political reason. Come on laa. If you are truly a Muslim, you should not have mention the Malay part. What, DAP took over Penang and now Muslim in that island can’t pray anymore? Many mosque were destroyed? My sister live there, my uncles still live there. No worries. No curfew. No nonsense. If we are truly want to strengthen Islam, you have to put aside racism. So what if the Chinese guy embrace Islam, you still want to hate him?
This is all just political. Racism happen in many places in this world. Not just here in Malaysia. USA, big economic and supposedly world leader still have many issues on the white and black people. England still divided on the immigrant and the native. South Africa although have cast away the apartheid still labor deep rooted hatred between the white and native. This is something will always exist in human heart. To make thing worse is the leader that spin all these facts.This all come from the very same people who from before, day and night shouted 1Malaysia. 1Malaysia or just 1Party?

Now, enough on the racism part. Let’s look on the pakatan side. Yesterday, many people mourned on the Tuan Guru Nik Aziz stepping down from being the MB of Kelantan. Personally, this is a big loss for Kelantan and Malaysia as a whole. TGNA had stand bravely, fighting to impose Islamic approach in our political life for 22 years. TGNA had fight Mahathir, Pak Lah, Ku Li, Najib, to name a few. And no one can over throw him from the first he became the MB in 1990. Many admire him and many also hate him. Only the Kelantanese know the true TGNA. He bring the light for us. But now, due to health condition, he had to step down and rest. PAS now is in transition. In addition to this, Husam Musa, did not retain his seat as the Exco. Some started arguing. Some are clapping. But for me, this is long term project. Husam should now focusing on Putrajaya. I really believe he can win in the next general election. Husam , whether or not under TGNA instructions is starting to spread his wing on the national level. But on separate issue, there are increasing concern that needs to be address by PAS within and external. Do a detailed post mortem on how PAS cannot retain Kedah. Strengthen the Terengganu seat with hard work and hope to get more seat in the future. Adapt new strategy to cater voters in Pahang, Johor, Negeri Sembilan and Melaka. On the external, more dialogue and communication are needed with PKR and DAP on this Pakatan Rakyat movement. Leaders must learn and start to plan. Politics is not rocket science. It is just a simple addition and subtraction. Attitude + hard Work = victory. Hard work – greed = Lost. As simple as that. You do not thermo nuclear physicians to decoding politics. Like I had said, politics is not black versus white; it is not angel versus devil. Look at the whole context. 

Some still mourning on the loss. Some still angry why those people in the rural area still voting for BN when all the wrongdoing are right in front of their nose. The urban voters and younger generation are all, mostly vote for Pakatan based on the analysis of the General Election. Now the target should be move toward changing the mind set of rural area. But one thing we have to always remember, money is really a big variable. Money + Sentiment = BN. That’s simple. 

For the future, hopefully all leaders take the necessary actions. BN leaders if truly want to make Malaysia prosper, then do the right steps. Pakatan leaders if truly want to make a change in Malaysia, then take the suitable approach. We, Malaysians just want what the best for us. We all want to live in harmony. Chinese can’t live without Malay. The same goes to Indian, and the rest of the race we have here in our country.

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