Saturday, July 20, 2013

Europe Pre Season Or Preparation

It's been a while since this blog mumbling around the world of football especially about European leagues. This due to the pre season training that had just begin and only the past couple of week the transfers rumours and saga come to its boiling point. if i'm not mistaken, its been 2 month since most of Europe league ended their season around May this year and now we are entering the Middle of July where in August most league will begin their new season. So the story, buzzing and gossip had been flying in and out of tabloids, social media even around political world like crazy. 

The best part is, for those fan, or neutral fan, or even to some die hard fan, this pre season hype sometimes determines the vision for any club preparing for their latest season but of course there are many unforeseen variable that had to accounted for and can not be stop such as financial woes and injuries. But sometimes, with the right planning, meticulous judgement and sharp analyst, any football club would achieve what they would hope for, that is winning and keep winning.

Lets start in England. The so called the glamorous Premier League.  Ferguson finally retired. Most Red Devil fans would have accept this and plainly handle this. What's more to say to the man the is Red Devil himself? Now the rebuilding process had taken place. David Moyes being trusted.Gone but not all the Fergie legacy. Still Moyes had quite a CV to achieve what Fergie had done before. Still jury still out whether he can cope with the burden and high expectation unlike in Everton. But, anyone who replace Fergie would have the same kind of problem. The biggest problem is now on Rooney status. Man Utd want to sell one day, another day don't want to sell. Sometimes it seem rooney heading to Arsenal, Chelsea, real madrid, Barca even PSG and  Monaco. Rooney himself seem confused on what will be his future next season. Obviously Man Utd need midfield right now. As for strikers, to taken into account of the last season , RVP would be first choice ahead of Rooney. But if Moyes can convince Rooney, and Rooney would be willing to let go his famous temper, Man Utd can look into another project. Next on the list, Mourinho back with Chelsea. The Prodigal Manager has return. It seem Abramovic and Mourinho have finally reconcile. But, it has been a while since Mou left Chelsea and some of its old core player had moved on. Now Mou, self acclaimed the special one need to build up again and made The Blues the force to reckon with. Since Fergie already gone, Mou only has Wenger to tease with. Bale still linger around White Hart Lane. AVB still does not want to lose his most precious key player. But for how long does Spurs can keep Bale in London? Less than 4 clubs in this world capable of matching Bale's price and for the sake of Bale future, he must move on to achieve greater success in out of respect of Spurs.Wenger still pondering on whos to buy. Talk on Higuain had been dragged for so long. They only added Yaya Sanogo. Is Arsenal really don't have that kind of money to get a superstar? at least a trully masterclass striker or midfielder. Yes, Wilshere is a level of Tony Kroos, yes, Chamberlain would be the level of Robben in couple of years but the strikers? Cavani had gone.,Hulk is being courted by Monaco. Gomez gone to Fiorentina. Maybe Damiao from Brazil. Wenger need to more than have to buy a world class player to counter attack from his fellow English clubs.Finally look at Man City. Out gone Roberto Mancini, In come Pellegrini. A more tactical and determined coach of highest calibre from Malaga, Real Madrid and Villareal. Out gone Tevez. In Jovetic, Jesus Navas, negredo, fernandinho. Still i predicted a lot more will be sold, and a few more will be bought. Man City really want to recapture the Premier League and want to make a serious mark in Europe. If Pellegrini can find the perfect blend with the abundance of star player he already have, Man City can topple Red Devil even can fight toe to toe with Mou' Chelsea next season. 

Then move on to Spanish La Liga. Last night Barca announced Tito resigned as Barca Head Coach due to his battle with cancer. This is quite a shock but in some something being prepared for. So now although Neymar had finally join Messi and Co., without a stable and credible Coach, all of Barca's rival would smile and waiting to rip their parts. Still, for a big historic club like Barca, anyone with impressive CV would love to join them. But, the main questions would be, how the philosophy would be ? is tiki taka still going to be the core for Barca or a new hybrid going to be enforce? Is La masia type of approach going to disregard? Thiago gone, rafinha gone, Gerald gone. Most of youngsters from La Masia find difficult to grab a chance in first time barca unlike during Pep's time. So, the future of barca rest on sandro Rosell hand. Outside coach meaning new approach but if from within, lack of exposure and experience. People of Madrid (especially casillas) celebrated last month when finally the special one left Madrid for good. Now, Madrid can focus once again to grab La Decima.CR7 will continue to show the world he is the best there is. Ancelloti took the bait to become the most hot coach seat in European football. But with Ancelloti CV, it is natural to assume that in some time, Real Madrid, dubbed as the most rich club in the world would welcome him.Ancelloti bring in Isco and couple of youngsters. Most of last season players still there. maybe this new season, Kaka can still summoned his old self for his old mentor. Next season will be interesting once again for La Liga but still i predicted its going to be another two horse with Athletico Madrid push from behind. 

Next come Italy. Walter Mazzari, the drilled sergeant of Napoli finally come to Inter Milan. Once again, Inter being rebuild. This time, whether its' Mazzari luck or something else, Erick thohir, businessman, successfully bought majority share thus giving Inter some financial stability. So Mazzari able to paint his masterpiece just what he had done in Napoli before. Even in Napoli, with his tactical and pragmatic approach, he able to lift a ordinary team consist of not so extraordinary players to achieve respectable position in leagues (runner up) and in europe with attacking branding styles.So, all interisti must be hopeful, that this time, mazzari is the one that can clean up all the mess since Mou left San Siro. Juventus under Conte able to suprise everyone by capturing Tevez. Juve still the strongest team in Italy but when they had won 2 league title back to back, the sense of complacent is piling up. Conte now would focus on Europe. Gain back the pride of Italy. AC Milan still retain their core.Not much to say about that.

One of the interesting news so far in this pre season would be the high spending of Monaco and PSG. Two French club which was owned by Billionaires. Both clubs not shy to spend record breaking transfer fee so that they can achieve instant success. Falcao to Monaco. Cavani to PSG. Both name are the most prolific strikers last season and now they join the project set by those in French. So next season. The French league would be very much interesting.Bayern Munich for me got the most delightful present of all, Pep Giordola. The mastermind behind the best barcelona side in history even dubbed as the best football club during his tenure in Catalan before. Bayern still fresh from treble last season equipped their defending quest by buying Gotze ( more or less Messi que style of player from Dortmund), thiago ( the next Fabregas or Xavi). Gomez out to Fiorentina. Maybe Luis Gustavo also will be out after this. Martin demichellis already gone. So basically all the core players still there but maybe just an upgrade in term of style and approach. Its fascinating to see how bayern's player will adapt with Pep or maybe its the other way around. Which one is bigger? Club or Manager himself?

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