Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Review of 2013

Another 2 days, this year is going to move. As always, time will move and it’s only up to us whether to stop ponder on the past or just move along. The year 2014 (according to the Gregorian calendar) will come and shall bring another 1001 kind of stories, adventure and hopefully new height in life.

This year, 2013 for me bring me so much and never in my mind could ever imagine. And thankful for the Almighty for that. The year before, 2012 had taught me so much. 2013 even bring me a lot more.

As I am looking back to this year, I could not stop thinking, have I ever thought all this could happen?not in a million years. People often said that fate is something we ourselves decide but at the end of the days, I could say, fate is just 20% of thing that happen. All come from Allah. But of course, without the struggle and risk taking, nothing can be achieved.

I looked back at my life and those life I had touched within this year, I had to admit that I had nothing to regret about. I satisfied. Even more, I felt blessed. I am happy for all those place, those faces, those memories. I learnt a lot, but felt I need to learn more. One by one, everything life taught me make me even more alive as day pass by.

One thing for sure, this year I could say was a disaster for my blog. I vividly remembered that in the early January and February, I thought I could write more, expressing more, improving more in this writing as I felt my language had deteriorated significantly. But, hopefully, I still have, and promised to retain to improve always. Looking back at the old blogger archive, my writing really had gone down spirally. Maybe one of the main reasons was that all those months I had, or maybe in another word, I struggle to adapt to new life, new job, and new place.

I was in KL. I went to many places. Even to the office of some High Commission. Even went to famous places in Southern part of peninsular. Then come the opportunity, I recalculated my goal, my career. All the risk, all the unforeseen condition had to be tabled but eventually I just went. Just like the song, at first I was afraid, I was petrified, but eventually it was such a lovely memories. Never even wonder that life in that place would be such an exquisite one. I would tip my hat and say that langkawi is more than meet the eyes. 100% guaranteed. 

However, then come, the opportunity knock in. Take it. Gamble it and luckily, get it. And this one, I could see would be the best platform the other big thing to come in the future. I gratefully for this responsibility, even though it come with so much more pressure, more strength of mentality needed, but still, when it just come down to be close to place you always cherish and love, all of that just wash away by the rain. Some might argue, some might agree. I admit, this one is not remotely can be compared to what I can achieve or even I can get but still, it is just the best platform for me, for now. For the future, it is just another story, in another book. 

Hopefully, next year, with new chapter, with new character added, my book of life will keep getting better and better. As I had gone to place this year, locally, to the place I had never gone before, learn the language I never learn before, meet the people I never met before, I just smile for now and will not set what will happen in the future. I learnt and know; only God know what the best for us. For us, we just can do and hope for the best. For me, the past is something that cannot be change, but the future, there will always be changes.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Day

Boxing Day bukanlah hari dimana orang ber'boxing'

Boxing Day hari dimana sehari selepas Krismas bagi orang Kristian membuka kotak-kotak mereka selepas Pak Santa Claus memberikan hadiah..Dipetik daripada Wikipedia(malas nak ulas panjang, copy paste je senang)..

The exact etymology of the term "boxing day" is unclear. There are several competing theories, none of which is definitive.[3] The European tradition, which has long included giving money and other gifts to those who were needy and in service positions, has been dated to the Middle Ages, but the exact origin is unknown. It is believed to be in reference to the Alms Box placed in places of worship in order to collect donations to the poor. In ancient, pre-Christian Rome, Saturnalia was a Roman celebration during which slave owners would switch roles with their slaves. Gift giving was a part of Saturnalia and benevolence to slaves was a practice which may have influenced the later December tradition of boxing and presenting of gifts to people of lesser status.[citation needed] Also, it may come from a custom in the late Roman/early Christian era, wherein metal boxes placed outside churches were used to collect special offerings tied to the Feast of Saint Stephen,[4] which in the Western Church falls on the same day as Boxing Day.

In Britain, it was a custom for tradesmen to collect "Christmas boxes" of money or presents on the first weekday after Christmas as thanks for good service throughout the year.[5] This is mentioned in Samuel Pepys' diary entry for 19 December 1663.[6] This custom is linked to an older English tradition: since they would have to wait on their masters on Christmas Day, the servants of the wealthy were allowed the next day to visit their families. The employers would give each servant a box to take home containing gifts and bonuses, and sometimes leftover food.

Kalau kat negara kita nie, memang tak ada sangatlah yang nak menyambut Boxing Day. Celah mana nak datang Santa Claus pun aku tak tau.Lagi satu, penganut Kristian kat negara kita peratusannya hanya sedikit saja. Tetapi kadang-kadang negara kita, yang bukan Kristian pulak lebih-lebih nak sambut Krismas.

Boxing Day lebih kenali bagi peminat bola sepak EPL.Hari di mana perlawanan bola sepak dijalankan. Disaat liga-liga eropah yang lain (Spain, Italy dan Bundesliga) berehat, EPL tetap berjalan. Boxing Day selalu menghidangkan perlawanan-perlawanan bola EPL yang menarik. Kelab-kelab Underdog selalu akan menewaskan kelab-kelab besar dan memberikan kejutan-kejutan.Kenapa boleh jadi sedemikian? Satunya sebabnya nama itu sendiri. Kalau dah main sehari selepas perayaan, memang tak bermaya la para pemain. Cuba kalau kat Malaysia ini kita tiru macam boxing day nie. Raya kedua terus buat perlawanan bola. Boleh tengok la pemain-pemain kat barisan simpanan makan ketupat sambil pemain atas padang sepak bola duk teringat rendang dengan nasi dagang. Atau sehari selepas raya korban main bola, mungkin pemain dapat bermain 60 minit sebab perut penuh lagi dengan daging-daging korban.

Memang orang Inggeris ini sangat unik. Kadang-kadang ramai yang menyuarakan ketidakpuas hati pada perlawanan dalam Boxing Day nie tetapi bagi mereka dah menjadi satu tradisi. Jadi memang mereka akan tetap teruskan juga.Larat ke tidak, hal lain tetapi tradisi tetap akan diteruskan. Harapnya kat negara kita janganlah pulak ditiru hal macam nie. Haru Biru jadinya nanti.

p/s..Liga Malaysia 2014 akan bermula.Kisah-kisah U-turn dah banyak. Sekarang semua orang tahu betapa sakitnya penangan U-turn nie. Kita sama-sama tengok FAM nak buat apa lepas nie.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Star Wars Occupation Flow Chart
by bobbybernethy.
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