Thursday, June 18, 2015

Best of the next season (2015/16) kit to watch for

Europe football season just ended last month, but the preparation for the next one had already started. Rumors, planning, fixtures and so on had already been talk about. But one of the most eagerly thing waited by the supporters have to be the kits. As usual, two main rival, Nike and Adidas will once again dominate the Europe. Now we shall look some of the eye catchy and one that should be buy come next august.

 Barca ditch the old strip but opted to go with vertical. in some way people hates this vertical as horizontal would be better but for the Treble Champion, its nice to go haywire sometimes
 Just plain old simple. Thats for sure. Bayern just go with their traditional red one. Simple, daring and a must.
 Inter opted back to their root. got many positive review. this one have to be book early.Simple. Nothing fancy. elegant as the strip resemble their culture, history
 New Balance will be the sponsor for the Kop starting next season. this particular long sleeve caught the eye as it look more into tshirt or sweater than a football kit. and thats a cool thing
 a slight alteration in the middle stripes. Nike keep it simple and root to stick with majorly last season design.a nice kit to have in your collection
 Real Madrid. Don't need any brief explanation. Just seeing the white and the emblem with fit to body design just making sure this kit is purposely for the best club.
a slight transition from last season. its cool by the way. anytime a club dare to cross their kit is something beautiful. Just look at As Roma this season.

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